Setting up the nextcloud/data folder to a NAS folder?

Just got my nextcloud up and running. Loving it so far. But curious to see if it is possible to store all the nextcloud/data folder to a folder in my NAS? I know theres a external storage option but this is more for a backup and if nextcloud somehow breaks I can just reinstall a fresh nextcloud and just add the folder in my NAS.

you should be able to mount your nextcloud/data directory from the nas. using nfs or cifs. (or iscsi target)
but you have to make shure that nextcloud is set to maintenance mode if the mount is not available.

my server is running under Debian stretch stable, with apache2, php7, mariadb …

I use mdadm and lvm2 to manage a raid6 array 24TO. The array is mount as /mnt/raid6/nextcloud.

Having the disk array as a local or iscsi array usually is the same as nextcloud use a logical mount point.

The only thing who matters is perf