Setting up Geofences

Hi, I’m new to phonetrack and not without issues I could figure out how to set up both nc and android apps. Thank you!

info: NC 21.0.2 and phonetrack 0.6.9, nextcloud email settings (send notification emails) works fine (as tested by nextcloud config and used by other apps). Server can send emails.

question is about settings in Geofence zones. I’ve created a zone and I get a “nextcloud notification” when device gets in/out this zone. But I’ve also set email notification and no email is sent to the two addresses I’ve set. I’ve also looked on spam folder (in case).

Second question is about URL links

what URL should I write? Public link to session/log?

My main goal is to send an email notification to a external email (no nextcloud user) to see my session in a browser giving them a public link, when I exit the geofence.

Thank you.