Setting up a small LDAP server / centralized user managment


I was wondering how people have setup their centralized user management.

I’ve been meaning to setup NextCloud again, but been pushing it back
as I really wanted to have a centralized user management for all the services.

I only want to serve max. tens of people and use low end hardware.

I did manage to setup an LDAP server, while not having much luck with
adding SSO.

The system should be light weight.
While setting up something like freeIPA is fairly easy, it also requires a bit
beefier hardware and operating systems which I’d rather not manage.

Having a simple LDAP server on a raspberry pi zero running devuan was
doable so something as simple as this would be ideal.
Thinking openLDAP, sasl and kerberos should do the job.

I’d like to hear what kind of setups people are using with their nextcloud servers.
And how have you solved centralized user managment in general.

I tend to use existing Active Directory, but thats my most common environment…

There does appear to be an issue with LDAP and the snap install of NextCloud, as it does not read the system ldap.conf, it is not possibnle to use a private certificate to do LDAPS