Setting Sequence of the list of Users

I am a user admin, but a newbie. Can I set the sequence of the list of users when I select User from the profile dropdown? I can not figure out what the sequence is. It starts over several times with user names.
Any hints or help would be appreciated.

We are currently on R24 but this is an ongoing question, and as we approach 200 users it is making maintenance of group authorizations problematic.

I get a list of new committee members who are to be granted membership in various groups, but when I list all members, any of the existing profiles are not in sequence by any criteria I can discover other than maybe date of profile creation.

Do you mean that users aren’t listed alphabetically?

That is correct.
The sequence goes from names beginning with ‘A’ to a profile ‘tracpublisher’ and then restarts with additional names beginning with ‘D’. There were also names beginning with ‘D’ in the first portion of the list.