Setting app configuration using occ

For some reason news app configuration I have set through admin web interface is not being saved to app’s configuration( So I have configured it manually using occ config:app:set commands but the feeds are still not getting updated.

Here is how my configuration looks like now:

occ $ config:list -- news
    "apps": {
        "news": {
            "autoPurgeCount": "200",
            "autoPurgeMinimumInterval": "60",
            "enabled": "yes",
            "feedFetcherTimeout": "60",
            "installed_version": "14.1.11",
            "maxRedirects": "10",
            "maxSize": "104857600",
            "types": "",
            "useCronUpdates": "true"

What am I missing?

News app version: 14.1.11
Nextcloud version: 18.0.3
Cron type: System Cron
PHP version: 7.3.18
Database and version: mysql 10.3.23
Browser and version: Firefox 77.0.1
Distribution and version: ubuntu 20.04

Make sure that you’ve set-up the default Nextcloud cron job, which is essential to get the subscribed feeds updated automatically.

Yes, Nextcloud is already configured to use system cron. I think the issue is that occ config:app:set seems to be saving all the values as string. occ config:system:set has the option --type to set the type of value but this option doesn’t exist for occ config:app:set. How to sepcify the type of value for app configurations?