Set up NAS to NextcloudPi


Dear all,

how can i set up a nas system on my cloud after installing nextcloud?

Pardon. Maybe some other people are better in understanding things but I have no idea what you want to achieve.
You have a nextcloud on some sort nas device or want to add it to a nas. Or do you have a nextcloud and want to add some kind of nas functionality (which you need to specify)?

I would manage my devices like a NAS system and finally achieve that this merged NAS file wil hosted by a nexcloud system.

But I find the solution.
I use the openmediavault system and manage a NAS system, moreover I merged my devices to one mout, than I installed Nextcloud via docker image and run Nextcloud, this solution works really fine and very stable, also for the Raspberry Pi 4 with 2 GB RAM, but I think it is also possible for a Raspberry Pi 3b+ because the RAM consumption is between 600-800 MB and never over 1 GB

The “proper” way (not necessarily the only way) is to set up external storage.