Set periodic backups

Hello everyone,

i am using the Nectcloudpi Software ( on a RaspberryPi4 (All Updates were done).

I am working with a Raid HDD Device its conectet with USB3 on my Pi. I using 2 500GB Drives, thats enough for my family.

Now i am thinking about a backup option for doing every night a automatic backup on a second hdd device, its connect to the Pi too.

The drives are mountet in /mnt/raid and /mnt/backup

All is working well do far.

Now i was set up in the Nextcloud Panel in automatic backups the arrow to

  • Active → ‘YES’

  • Destination Directory → ‘/mnt/backup’

  • Include data → ‘YES’

  • Compress → ‘NO’

  • Backup periodicity (in days) → ‘1’

  • Number of backups to keep → ‘4’

Now, my problem was, that the first 4 Backups were made in the destination folder (/mnt/backup) with the date from

  • 20210730…
  • 20210731…
  • 20210801…
  • 20210802…

and here the backup making stops?!?

I am wrong in my opinion that the oldest backup was removed when the actually backup were written? Why i have no backup from 20210803 and 20210804 and so on - and the oldest was deleted, that i have always 4 backups in my hand? What i am doing wrong? The periodic days means that after every 1 day a backup was done, or iam am wrong?

many greeting from germany


Can you start manually the backup?
Perhaps only the script to start the backup does not work.

Yes, i can start a manually backup if i want, but i want it automatic in the night, because the nextcloud goes then in maintenance Mode… :wink:

Yes. But does it work if you start it manually?
If yes perhaps the cron job does not work correct.

Yes, the first backup was manually to check, that the backup drive is woking and mountet correct… (UUID entry in fstab)

The script does 4 backups with the backupdays (see above), but stops now…

Whre i can check in terminal the cron job for the backup script? → /var_/www/nextcloud/cron.php ?