Set first day of week

I like to set the first day of the week to Sunday. But when I set my country (The Netherlands) it seems I can’t change the first day setting.

It’s not there.
It’s in the calendar app then setting icon

First day of the week setting is controlled by the region / locale setting in your user settings.

Not all the people of a region/country wants to have the ‘national’ first day of the week.
For most christians the first day is Sunday.
Hope there comes an option to set the first day customized.

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some OT hidden below…


i have heard that from the us of a. but i really don’t understand why that is. afaik the bible mentions that god worked 6 days for building earth and everything and on the 7th day s/he took a break. and as sunday commonly IS a no-work day how could it be considered 1st day of the week, then it’s against the christian bible.