"Set as available offline" on folder (Android App)

I was wondering if there is an option in the Android app to “Set as available offline” for a folder instead of just file by file that I am missing?

This is for app v3.1.0 with Android 6.1


Short answer: No there is currently no option to do this for a folder(hierarchy), open issue for that feature is: https://github.com/nextcloud/android/issues/269

So it is a requested feature while nobody has picked up the job of implementing it yet.

Cool. Thanks Andy. Added my vote to those issues.

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Good day, i am new to this forum and hope to chime in at the right topic, so admin please feel free to move my below to the right topic if necessary.

1.) For Android:
I have a "on device"in the main menu showing me my offline folders from previous version.

Now going to my folders i can download files , whereas i assume they go into my Android folder structure when downloaded through app option but are not showing in “on device” option from Nextcloud.
However i can add new folder in the “on device option” with selections from my phone menu. With that for example my keepass passwords are leaving my protected Nextcloud environment.

Now reading along i hear that offline option is not considered as priority no more since as soon as changes happen the folders are synced.
That doesn’t really work because i can not open the any file when i need to open it to have it at hand when i don’t have data available. The app loads to death as it tries first to fetch the most recent updated file. On several occasion i had problems needing my files offline without data or wifi around causing a lot of delay and issues.
As business owners some people rely on their data anywhere and not only in wifi/data environment making the cloud app useless for my purposes.

Is there any workaround besides to copy everytime the folder into my downloaded folder Android environment?

2.) for desktop clients:
When folders and files are modified on one of my laptop e.g in January and not synced immediately and in the meantime, at a later stage i do changes on my desktop, e.g in February, to the same files and folders and have them synced immediately, it causes problems during synchronizing/conflicts notifications, the moment i synchronize my laptop at a later stage / after the changes made from my desktop e.g March on my laptop.