Serving a webpage from NextCloud

I have a folder which contains an index.html and other supporting files for a webpage. How can I share this from NextCloud such that when someone goes to the link they will get the webpage rendered?

I think that does not work. Please to not try it. It makes no sense. Nextcloud can’t deliver web pages or make coffee.

But you can test Sharing Path to use CDN for single files. And yes you can use it for a lot of files and customize the urls in the websites. But it makes no sense. Please use a normal webserver.

Can you explain the difference between Sharing Path and simply using the built-in Nextcloud capability to share a file?

Or see

Thanks. I have pico CMS but it wasn’t clear that I could just serve arbitrary HTML rather than .md files which might have HTML in them. I realize this is not necessarily an application well-suited for Nextcloud but I wondered if it was something that was easy to do for serving very low volume webpages.

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