Serverside Encryption

I have upgraded to 25.0.1. Now I think about serverside encryption. On mynextcloud.tld/index.php/settings/admin/security is a warning NC could suffer from losing speed when serversice encryption has being activated. Does somebody here can estimate how much loss of speed I have to expect or from which factors it will depend?

That is not an equation or algorithm just easily made. It depends 100% on your hardware and setup. However unless running on a tweaked-for-performance low resource system like a Raspberry, you would not notice this much.

Serverside encryption is only almost useful if you use External Storage. Do you use external storage? it is more of a obfuscation than a real security feature when the data is directly on the Nextcloud server.

Maybe you can better use End to End Encryption for real secure data. But it only works with the Nextcloud Desktop and Mobile versions.

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