Serverside encryption - orphaned keys

Nextcloud version: 12.0 beta 2
Operating system and version: Debian 9.0
Apache or nginx version: nginx 1.10.3
PHP version: 7.0.16-3
Is this the first time you’ve seen this error?: yes

Can you reliably replicate it? (If so, please outline steps): Haven’t tried yet.

The issue you are facing:


I played around with the server-side encryption feature of nextcloud and I noticed two things:

1st. Though I disabled the encryption feature, the folder which holds the keys is still quite huge.

root:/var/lib/owncloud/data/philipp# du -hs files_encryption/
942M files_encryption/

2nd. Also with disabled encryption feature: From time to time I have the situation that some files are “broken” or I’m not able to open it. I figured out that in those cases the path within the “files_encryption” folder didn’t match the actual path where the file resides. As soon as I copy the keys to the correct location within the “files_encryption” folder, the files are accessible again. So it seems that somehow the encryption feature is still active.

Is there a way I can get rid of the 1Gb encryption files without making my files unaccessible because of the 2nd problem?

thanks in advanced!


nobody able to answer?