Server timeout with NC13, iOS 2.19.3

Wondering if anyone else is having this problem … hard to say if it’s the new app or the new server. Some of my smaller folders are loading, but anything large shows an empty folder and gets a timeout error “Error: the request timed out”, or the app just doesn’t seem to update the folder at all (i.e., the folder remains empty).

No trouble with the web interface.

I have the same/similar issue. Upon logging in on the IOS app first time I get no folders listed. If I want like 5mins, then I see all my External Shares I have setup. However going into any of them just shows they are empty when they are not, pulling down to refresh I just get a server timeout. Web interface is fine, even when using Safari on the iOS device. For some reason the iOS app cant seem to connect fully and get the folder/file listing entirely. This is with the 2.20 app.

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I have the same issure, and just update nextcloud version to nextcloud13.0.0, it`s done.

I have a similar issue but on the android app, and I don’t get the message, but sometimes as soon as I log in (with fingerprint, if that matters), Next cloud just spins and spins and spins and spins…never loads anything. I have to hit back, and then go forward again to get it to show folders. This seems to happen more so remote vs locally on the same network (I have 1000/1000 internet feeding nextcloud, so it’s not bandwidth).

Please open topic at android forum section.
Have you checked issues at GitHub?