Server takes too long to respond?

Successfully setup Nextcloud on Ubuntu 16 along with self-signed SSL and can access within my home network. Therefore I setup port forwarding within my router for port 443 (which is not blocked by my ISP), downloaded the Nextcloud app from Android Play store then opened and put my public IP (, then it says “testing connection” then eventually says "server takes to long to respond. Trying to access from app on my Samsung S7. When I use my browser and go to that same address, I do get the nextcloud landing page and it ask my to “trust the domain” (assuming cause of the SSL), and I do so, but then goes to an unfound page. Not sure what to do now. Anyone have ideas or fixes for this or know what I can try and do to resolve?

Thanks much.

Then probably you didn’t add the external hostname/ip to the trusted domains and therefore no connection via client can be established. Just open your config/config.php and add the public IP of your server:

'trusted_domains' =>
  array (

Then try to login from your smartphone outside your local network via web browser again before you try the client.

I have the same problem: Connecting via webbrowser on the smartphone is ok, but not with the android client. I got “unknown error”.

But I’m having my external hostname in the config.php.

And on other androids the client is working well.

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If I simply just run this:

sudo nextcloud.occ config:system:set trusted_domains 1

Doesn’t that do the same thing rather than opening the file? If not, I keep getting a permissions error when trying to open that file with gedit.

And when you say public IP of my server, are you saying that with port forwarding enabled pointing traffic for ports 443 or 80 to that internal IP and having that public IP as the one in the config or via that command I pointed out above?

Either way, am still getting the same issue when trying to access via the nextcloud android app.

Anything else I can check or do?

Thanks much.

It should do the same thing. I never used this snappy stuff.

But on a web browser it works?

Seems to be working on. Logged in from another machine and had to add the trust when logged in from the web version and now can access from both web and app.

Thanks for the help.