Server-side "upload" of larger files to Nextcloud

I’ve had a 500+MB .tar.gz file on the server (VPS) where also my Nextcloud is running.
Which I needed to share, of course with my Nextcloud.
As usual, only ssh access to my VPS.

Question: What’s the easiest way to get this done?

Found hints about just throwing into Nextcloud’s data directory, occ files:scan after that. Does this work for an encrypted data dir also?
Found also hints about external storage, but seems to be “overkill” just for this one time need.

Finally I’ve scp-ed to my local machine and uploaded back via Browser, shame on me :slight_smile:

webdav? You shouldn’t manually manipulate the data folder. If prefer the upload via SFTP or other protocols, you can upload to a different folder on your server and use that as external storage to your Nextcloud (and then maybe move the data in the main folder structure).

@tflidd thanks for your idea!
I don’t “prefer uploading via …”, I had the files already there, on the server.
But outside and independent of nextcloud. I think for the future I’ll follow you hint, read the docs about “external storage”, which would be a server-side and that’s why local folder, and move the file via nextcloud’s GUI to a (data) folder of choice.