Server-side sync of an NC folder to an External folder?

Hello all,

I’m happily using NC in a docker and rebuilding my whole server around it :slight_smile:

Here’s my use case:

  • I love Google Photos (and the IA features it has, as well as sharing albums, etc.)
  • but I don’t want to upload ALL my pictures to it, only select & curated albums (storage space)
  • my NC instance will get ALL these pictures, then I will create albums and store them in an “Albums” folder
  • and I don’t want to sync this Albums folder to Google Photos from my phone

So my question is: within NC, is there a way to sync an NC folder with an external storage folder (from the server)?

Thanks a lot in advance!

I have similar question.

  1. Where are all pictures stored? on which folder on server?
  2. Or si it all encrypted in 1 file somewhere?

What i want to archieve…when im on Local network i want to open some folder to browse all pictures which were uploaded, without going into the Browser + NC login and browse pictures there on the web page.

Reason is that on folder is much faster then on web page and i can map the folder and browse directly via ACDSee and edit/sort those pics.