Server-Side selective syncronization for multiple users

Is there a way to control selective synchronization from the server side.
I found this question being asked multiple times, and I have not found an answer yet.

I have large folders that end up being downloaded to each user’s client unnecessarily. I want the desktop client to not download certain folders, and to behave much like an android or IOS client.

This is a problem for only desktop clients. On android and IOS, it is the expected behavior for all files.

“File access control rules” block the file completely, which not what I want. I want the user to be able to download individual files, similar to the behaviour of an android/IOS client.

I don’t see a way except for the file access control you mentioned. Other way which you probably do not like either, organize your files differently: Put everything you want to sync into a sync folder and let the clients only sync to this sub-folder.

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Thank you for confirming this @tflidd.

My issue is if the mobile client does it, why not the desktop client. I wanted to control it from the server side, so I don’t have to explain to each user what they need to sync, and what will just flood their local drive and bandwidth with unneccessary traffic.

I also found that I can avoid downloading to local drives by using webdav to mount the user account. I only need to find out how to disable desktop clients all together.

ownCloud has a nice feature on the todo list for the next major version:

If it is part of the free desktop client, the chances are high that it can be ported to the Nextcloud client as well.

Better deployment for companies ( and many many other features have been requested.

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Exactly!!! I look forward to seeing this feature. the desktop client is fine for the user’s own files but not for shared files which they have no control over.

I can imagine a remote user unknowingly downloading Gigs of useless data and maxing their ISP data limit or being charged for it.

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