Server-side encryption for nextcloud-15?

I have downloaded and successfully installed nextcloud-15.0.2. It appears to be working fine, but I am unable to get encryption set up. All of the encryption-related documentation I have been able to find seems to be for version 13 or earlier.

Those docs say that server-side encryption can be enabled via the “Admin” page, but there is no “Admin” page shown in my version-15 installation. There is a section called “Administration”, but there is nothing about encryption offered in that section.

I’m therefore assuming that encryption works differently in version 15 than in earlier versions. Could someone point me to documentation for version 15 which shows how to get server-side encryption set up under that version?

Thank you very much.


I found the server-side encryption settings in the “Security” page of the “Administration” area. So now, all is well. Onward!