Server logged me out, no way back in

I’m in the home office trying to sync files. The true reference versions are held on a server I do not control.

The server (owncloud) is not up to date, but I have various Nextcloud clients on other machines and they all behave as expected. Nextcloud can do many things, but I use only it for file synchronization.

Yesterday my file sync stopped working. Now Nextcloud pops up a dialog box saying “You have been logged out of server as user user. Please login again.” There are buttons “Copy Link” and “Reopen Browser”, but clicking them does not actually appear to do anything.

(The dialog box says, “There was an error accessing the “token” endpoint: Error transferring https://server/index.php/apps/files/ - server replied: Method Not Allowed”)

My files are important so I don’t want to delete them all by doing something that seems like common sense (but only to me). On the other hand, I just want to get back to work so it is not necessary to find a general and universal solution. Any reasonable action that gets me reconnected will be welcome.

My computer runs Debian 11, and I have the same problem with AppImage files versioned 3.2.1, 3.2.2, and 3.4.1.

Is there something I can do in the nextcloud.cfg file to open a new path forward?

What would happen if I selected the GUI item “Remove folder sync connection”? Could I then add a new connection without having to re-download all the files? (Most of them are still up to date.)


Try asking your admin to assist you. Whoever manages the server.