Server is being accessible from windows 10 but not on windows 7

We have esx server machines (VMS) in our network.

All of them are able to ping the nextcloud server but through web browser, it is only accessible from windows 10 machines but not on windows 7 machines.

ANy suggestions on how to troubleshoot this.

From windows 7, the ping command is working to server.

Tried different webbrowsers?
When you try to access, do you see anything in the webserver logs? If yes you are sure that you get through the network and it might be a configuration or compatibility problem webbrower<->webserver (supported cyphers, tls versions etc.), if there is nothing, it could be network? Do you use a proxy?

Yes it is only supporting with chrome.Not with firefox, with new edge installed also not working.

It helps if you open development tools via clicking on the page and select “inspect” (as described here) then just select Network and go to your Nextcloud page to see what happens there.

Also check this out:

It could be that you set Ciphers or other security rules that not supported by windows 7 anymore (e.g. last example with this screenshot). In this case just added few Ciphers that are still supported by Windows 7.

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