Server-File-Sync in NC


I just read the “Don’t Mess With The Google: the risk of putting all your eggs in one basket” post
and there came the following question into my mind again, which I postponed.

Is there a possibility that I can f.e. mount a ggogle drive in Nextcloud and sync the content of it in another, local directory of it?

Or do I need to use a client with syncapps to do the work?

You can only mount it as external storage but it does not sync the content. Once included as external storage, you can move files to a local folder (directly via webdav if you don’t want to download it on your local client).

If i copy a file via webdav, will it copied directly on the server, or will it be downloaded an reuploaded?

Normally it’s directly done server side and no data are transferred to the client. The server however will need to download the file from google.

Then hopefully in NC11 it’ll be possible to copy/move from the GUI in Chrome :smiley: