Server check error configuration

After a full new install on my Synology (PHP7 and Maria 10 and Apache 2.4) I get an error:

Error index Error: Call to undefined function OC\Settings\Controller\posix_getpwuid()

This has to do with the configuration, but there are no other errors. Security is A+ and I set the additional Apache header.

I have not sen this error on other 13 installs before. This is the first 14 installation I made.

This should be in php7.x-common or php7.x-posix, depending on your package management. In my Debian installation, it is part of php7.2-common.

Ok. Problem seems gone after rebooting Synology. PHP 7.0 was activated. 7.2 is not available yet. On my debian installation I have not tried the last update. I will watch.