Server behind proxy how to connect mobile client

Hi to all!

Just finished my NC installation from OC. Everything fine and working except for the mobile client.

My server is behind my company proxy (with user/password) and my mobile client works fine inside my company network but not outside…

How can I configure/use server and/or client to allow for external connections?

Thanks in advance!

Forward external traffic (based on e.g. ACL rules) to NC-server

Thanks for the reply. But how can I do it?
Something like tunneling?
Can you give me any clues?



Depends on your scenario.

Here is mine: WWW<->router<->firewall<->NC-server
Use case - request from WWW to IP(router) Port 80|443 via dyndns-forward from

  1. Router: Forward traffic from WWW Port 80|443 to Firewall Port 80|443
  2. Firewall: Read header (e.g. and decide IF and WHERE to forward traffic to. Here: forward traffic to NC-Server Port 80|443
  3. NC-Server: Redirect traffic from Port 80 to Port 443 & SSL-Termination.

Try to applicate this on your situation.