Server/Backup Media for 5+ TB


my current NC Server has a 4 TB internal HDD (no RAID) for data storage, and I have 2 USB drives (5TB and 4 TB, 2,5 inch) for backups (rsync, differential - so the backup disk should be maybe 50% or 100% bigger than the productive data disk to “last” for some time and not run full).

I think about configuring a server with more storage, e.g. 8 or 12 TB or so. The server is used mostly private, no high availability needs, BUT I definitely don’t want to loose data.

Which HDD and especially backup HDD setup would be recommended?

Is it safe to just use bigger disks, e.g. use a 8 TB internal disk for the data and some 10 or 12 TB disks in external USB cases for backup?

Or is that much riskier to have so much data on just one HDD (and would some RAID5 be better)?

Electrical power usage should also be low (private server, just used a few times per day to sync something, thats why I was a bit skeptical with having several hdds spinning all the time).

Thanks for any hints,