Server and client on the same machine

Currrently I have Gentoo box with Nextcloud server and several machines that sync to it. One of them is my old workstation. I plan to join server and workstation on single machine but I bumped into Nextcloud question, how can I use server and client on the same machine? Is it ok, to not use client at all and all NC folders and files I use directly will still sync or do I still have to install client and have all data duplicated?

You can directly use it as a webdav network folder. You must not make changes directly to the data-folder, you should use NC (via webdav, web-interface, sync-client) for it.

@tflidd nailed it, I mount NC as a local folder on the server using WebDAV:

sudo mount -t davfs /mnt/

Because I too do a lot of work on my server and having direct access is very handy. Tutorials exist for getting this working (and automounting too)

Thank you! This is very handy. I hope this works with https too.

Yes of course.

Been following this guide and it seems to be working :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the hints!

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