Server address not https

Running Nextcloud in docker
Latest patch level

I have docker up and running with a nginx-proxy and letsencrypt certificates and the site works perfectly using https, but Nextcloud doesnt seem to know it is reachable using https.

When i go to settings / personal / mobile & desktop
I see

Server address

Use this URL to connect your clients to this server:

And there it shows the correct url but with http.

How can i let nextcloud know that it is reachable by https by default ?

i changed the line ‘overwrite.cli.url’ => in config.php to the https, reservered the server but still no change.

nginx as proxy or web server?

Two times nginx, one as below from my docker-compose and one jwilder/nginx-proxy in front for virtualhosting/ssl

        image: mariadb

        image: nextcloud:fpm

        image: nginx

‘overwrite.cli.url’ seems for command line.

Try adding

‘overwriteprotocol’ => ‘https’,

and below if necessary

‘overwritehost’ => ‘hostname:port’,
‘proxy’ => ‘hostname:port’,

and then reload the config or reboot the server.

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This worked ! Thank you so much