Serve HTML from NC

If I have a set of html and css files that constitute a copy of a website obtained from using the Firefox Scrapbook plugin, is it possible to store these files within NC and serve them with all the ordinary NC file controls? In other words, say you scrape a website and now want to serve it to an NC defined group. Is this possible in NC?

If your intention is to share the files, sure. You can share files from any source you want.

Nextcloud is not a web server, so you’ll be giving them the files, not a site they can go to.

I understand BUT NC does act as a web server when Pico CMS is installed. I am looking for a capability that expands on that.

PicoCMS is your best bet for serving html in Nextcloud. It will likely be as close as you can get, so try serving to a group as mentioned in their documentation. If that doesn’t work, check the project github.