Seperating config files and database from file storage in AIO

Hello, I’m currently trying to install Nextcloud AIO.

I would like to keep user file storage seperate from the database and config files for performance reasons, keeping user file storage on a large HDD and the database etc on a much faster SSD.

How would I go about that? The docs seem to suggest adding the HDD as external storage but I would like it to be seamless. External storage seems rather cludgy.

this setup requires 3 disks as you explain.

one for user data
two for main OS
three for mysql/webserver

on installing your OS you should select where to mount which disk.

disk one hdd ex. /mnt/nextcloud
disk two ssd ex. /
disk three ssd /var

usually these are separate partitions.

you could also consider using raid.

by default the webserver hosts files from /var/www

and mysql stores data in /var/lib/mysql

you could have your webserver host from a different location/disk for ex. /srv.

doing this on a running system would require you to alter the /etc/fstab and reorganize your system partitions.

but there is really not much speed to gain by what you trying to do.

you could simply set your datadirectory in your config.php and point it to your hdd mount location. many posts about moving your data folder.