Separate storage by file type

We are considering using your Nextcloud All-in-one product.
We have a question, is it possible to implement such functionality as automatic placement of uploaded files to specific storages depending on the file type?
For example, video files should be placed on disk1, text files on disk2, images on a remote storage, etc.


The basic structure of Nextcloud involves storing files together in a central directory on the file system, sorted under the different user accounts and not separated by filetype. Such detailed file organization on different hard drives usually requires custom configuration and scripting.
To implement such file organization in Nextcloud, you would need to develop custom scripts or extensions that parse files as they are uploaded and move them to the appropriate directories based on their file type. However, this is not part of Nextcloud’s standard functionality and requires additional customization.

I’m not an expert on AIO, but since it’s a finished product that covers everything that is required for normal server operation and is less designed for more specific use cases, I would recommend a vanilla server to rely on barre metal, which you freely can redesign according to your needs then, but I’ll say straight away that it won’t be easy to do in a mundane way, as it will require some tricky hurdles to overcome

Just my 2 cents.

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thank you for the detailed reply!

You can create external folders on different external storages and share them to the user. That is a very manual way. With workflow, you can perhaps manage to upload them properly.

Having a folder for each user on a storage backend that provides this feature in the background would be a nice solution. Perhaps there are object storage backends that have such a feature and can easily connected to Nextcloud?

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