Separate Port for Sharing Links

Hi all,

my instance is running on port 8080.
Is it possible to have another port redirecting to a sharing link?
e.g. → Next Cloud Dashboard → Redirecting to sharing link

I don’t think this is possible… what would be the advantage of this config?

Hi @wwe,

the advantage would be, that I can only expose the sharing link to the internet not the whole instance
I don’t want someone trying to brute force my password.

Preventing legit users from login from the internet is definitely against the idea of *cloud and greatly hurts usability of the system…
Nextcloud is running on thousands of servers exposed to the internet. It does not mean it can’t be hacked but there are security measures already e.g. brute-force protection. I would recommend you to secure the application using modern standards like integrated two-factor authentication and keeping the system updated rather hiding the instance behind the firewall…

And even if you manage to do that, it’s perhaps still possible to login as a user with the sharing link. If you wanted it to be apart, you’d need a different access to the shares, e.g. creating it on different physical folders and link directly via webserver to it and just use Nextcloud to manage that.

But in general, it’s better to invest some time to secure your server (secure configuration of services, disable unused services, use good passwords, use 2FA/ssh-keys, …)