Sendent app: oc_sndnt_stnggrval.value -> varchar(255) is not sufficient

The column value in the databasetable oc_sndnt_stnggrval is not able to hold the content of the html snippets:

  • Share Files snippet
  • Share Public Folder snippet
  • Secure Mail snippet

If you try to change any of these fields, you will notice, that it will be cut off after 255 characters.

This is a commercial app, i guess you are better off by contacting their support by filling their support form.

Looks like someone detected something… :wink:

nevermind, i do not need support…

This should be fixed in latest version. Or did you have the latest version already installed?

As time of writing, yes it was the latest version: 1.0.12

i also uninstalled the app, removed the tables and the entries in oc_appconfig and oc_migrations so i was able to perform a clean install, but the problem persisted. (if you do not manualy cleanup the database, everything is kept in place)

just tried that again, and was able to reproduce the behaviour with 1.0.12

*edit: i use mariadb 10.3 which comes with latest debian (buster)

Hi @brt,

First off: our apologies for the inconvenience. We have just pushed version 1.0.13. This update contains a bugfix for the issues you were experiencing. The update is being processed and will be available later this evening.

If you experience the same or any other issue after installing version 1.0.13, feel free to contact us again.

Thank you for reporting this issue,

Kind regards,

Léon van de Broek | Sendent


thank you very much for the quick fix!