Send new report now - an error occurred while send you report

Please kindly advise if I found “an error occurred while send you report” when I try to click on “Send new report now” at the “Usage survey” page.

Information on the Overview page

Information on the System page

Thank you in advance.

Have you configured the email server settings (Settings > Administration > Base settings > email server) and can you send a test message?

Please check the Nextcloud log file for any related error messages.

Thank you for your reply. I have configured the email server setting and do the send test message success as below picture.

The test message come to my email (Gmail)

As I reproduced the issue again, an error occurred but there is no log relate to the error as you can see below.

Is it possible that it would be the Nextcloud bug?

Thank you in advance.

Also fails here, thanks for notifying.
I will check with sysadmin to check what’s wrong with the target server.

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Beside the original subject, the root cause of the displayed messages has been discussed here:

an error occurred while send you report

This should be fixed now.

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@nickvergessen Could you please explain how this function works and which target server is being contacted? If someone else will ask the same question in the future it would allow him to find and answer faster :wink:

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@nickvergessen Thank you for your reply. As I reproduce the issue, it seems the issue was solved and there is no more errors occurred. In addition, it would be great if we know the root cause and its solution. However, could you please explain more about how this function works? Thank you in advance.

@j-ed Thank you for your kind support.

The certificate of was expired.