Send mail to contacts'groups

Hi !

I didn’t find how to send mail to groups I created in the contact app.

Is it possible ? and how ?

Thanks !


Not yet, there is a feature request:

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I am hoping for this feature, too. Consider leaving a bounty at

what is the chance, that this function will be applied soon?
It is for us really helpfull and filling each address and forgetting to someone is really anooying.
Thanks. Petr

Has this been solved? I see a number of related requests and issues on github but I cannot figure out from them if it has been solved or not.

Rule of thumb:
ticket open -> not resolved
ticket closed, referencing a pull request that got merged -> done


In this case there were many tickets and I did not manage to find which one was till open, or if it was solved. But maybe you know what is the current status? And prognosis if not yet solved.

By the way - I can send e-mails to groups created in NC Contacts using RoundCube integrated to Nextcloud installed with this