Send mail to all contacts


I am facing a question and I didn’t find any explicit solution to it.
What I want to do: Send a “newsletter” to all contacts in a Nextcloud contact. It would be optional that recepients can reply. I found 2 apps concerning mail but I am not sure what to use exactly.
As far as I understand, I still have to use an external mail server, right?

Could somebody please help me on this? Thanks.

Nextcloud does not provide a mail server itself. The mail app is just a webmail-app that connects to existing mail boxes. It uses these mail servers to send mail.
The notification mails and others sent directly by Nextcloud are sent by the webserver. There it depends how you configured it if your webserver can deliver it’s own mails or passes through another mail server.

Mailing to a couple of friends shouldn’t be a problem. Larger mailing lists should be handled properly (proper mailinglists) to avoid that these mail end up in spam folders.