Send file on a smartphone with mobile app

Thank you very much for this great apps ! Lot of improvements with last updates !
All works fine on my server but i just have a question about files transfer feature on android with app.
When i want send a file, i touch + button near text field where you write and nextcloud talk toggles me in nextcloud view with my account to choose a file i had push sooner.
But if i want just send a file in my smartphone without tranfert it on my nextcloud storage or if i have forgot to send it inside first (or just for noob users maybe), is it possible just choice a file in the smarphone storage directly ?
This feature is already maybe planned later ?


I think this is already being worked on and discussed here.

Oh yes ! thank you. I had looked for about this missing feature on spreedme forum but not in github.
If i have understood fine, this feature is implementing now ?