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I’m sorry if I didn’t choose the right category for this question but I hope someone can help me. We are building a hosted Nextcloud environment on top of Kubernetes which will focus heavily on privacy and security, for this we need fine grained control over what apps people can install and therefore we want to include our own Appstore, fortunately Nextcloud has that option. Now for my problem.

I followed the great instructions to install a production (docker) version of the Appstore ( I was able to build the docker image and to start the appstore, what I can’t figure out is how to get some of the apps that are in the official store in to our own hosted store.

This could mean two things; either I’m missing a step to sync apps from the official store to our own store, or it simply can’t be done and the Appstore we now have is only there for apps you develop yourself. I’m hoping it’s the former :slight_smile:


Do you know anyone who can help us with this?

You can scrape the API and place JSON files in a folder if you want to mirror it, no store setup needed at all. There is currently no way to distribute apps from store to store yet (dunno if that makes sense at all). You could also just get all the app download links and upload them to your store via API.

Hi Bernhard,

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, from what I could gather is that when you upload apps to the store you need the developers signature which is based on their private key, at least that’s what I gather from the UI and the documentation. But this seems indeed something we like to do.

Yeah right, that’s more or less the authentication scheme. You can of course create these apps manually in the admin interface or add custom code to override behavior.

OK thanks, I’ll go ahead and try some of the options you mentioned!

… and if you’re building something like this you should consider getting a Nextcloud Subscription so our engineers can help you with this.

You know we are working on that with your sales guys… :wink:
Just lots of slow processes and misunderstanding if you want something thats not a standard option… too bad we couldn’t come to the hackweek (ppl sick and stuff).

But we were also thinking of building this kind of functionality (if it makes sense) or hiring you guys to build it with us. We’ll followup on this!

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