Self hosted AppStore - sync from official store?

Hi everyone,

I’m running own AppStore instance to be able to have my own categories in which I can manage my self-developed apps.

So far everything’s working but, I have the problem that - other than my own apps - that store is completly empty. Is there any way to sync in the other apps from Or have the official store as a primary, and my development store as a secondary?

Maybe there’s altogether a more simple solution to this?

I would need this as well. Although, for me it is only one app that needs special handling and I can install manually (side-loading) from the dev files.

But having the app store proxy to the upstream (in fact to combine both local and upstream offers) would be ideal.

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This is not really possible at the moment. If you are really courageous you might be able to hack something in nextcloud/appstore/nextcloudappstore/api/v1/ to combine the result of two appstore instances, but I don’t think I’ll accept a merge request implementing this unless it doesn’t add much complexity and the code is unit tested.

Alternatively, you could write an simple web server that provides the API that appstore wants and proxy the request to the relevant appstore.