Self Hosted 2FA/OTP Provider


after congratulating the team for the really fantastic work done with nextcloud I am wondering if there is any way to host a MFA solution with the OTP provider integrated in NextCloud.
Let me be more clear.
In order to be truly independent, instead of using a third party provider for OTP or QR-Code, I would like NextCloud to provide such a capability (2FA Self Provider).
In this case, if my home server runs and is available, then everything (Web Server, PHP Engine, DB, LDAP, Nextcloud, OTP Provider…and so on) works because everything runs on the same system.

Thanks and best regards

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I don’t think so (and can’t imagine them wanting to be), but there are alternative ways to achieve just that

I think it’s a shame if the NC guys don’t want to, because it would make it much more private, as it would really be independent of third parties.
I also think it is relatively easy to add this capability in the NC.