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Hi Guys,

New next cloud user here and I nearly have everything on my self hosted setup complete, But I have noticed an unusual issue. I downloaded the next cloud app on my iPhone and set it to auto upload new photos and videos.
The problem is that if I take a photo it uploads without issues but it also uploads a 3-4 second video clip of the same photo.

Hi GrahamM,

you are taking photos as so called “live-photos”. So iOS saves a “normal” JPG-file (photo) AND in addition a 3-4 second MOV-file (video clip).

Your iOS-device handles this as a single document (JPG as preview / MOV-file to see the short scene).
NextCloud / any other device handles this as two separated files.

Simply turn of the “Live”-photo mode - if you don’t like it .

Best regards


That explains it…