Self host 2 nextcloud servers behind mobile 4G router and have them communicate?

Hi. Disclaimer. I’m new to both nextcloud and selfhosting. Is it feasible for a noob to securely self host 2 nextcloud servers in different locations, knowing that they will be behind a 4G mobile router, thus having dynamic IPs?

If so, i would greatly appreciate if anyone could point to a step by step tut somewhere (or here) for setting this up…

Am I obliged to create a wirguard tunnel on a VPS or is it overkill ?

I think it is not a good idea for a noob. But you can test some different nextcloud installation to improve your knowledge. You can e.g. install a nextcloud server on an linux server/desktop or in a VM …

I also think it is not a good idea to install nextcloud behind a 4G mobile router. A lot of mobile providers does not give the user an own IVp4 address (same problem like DSL-Lite).

For a noob the best idea is to use a “Managed Nextcloud”. You can buy a single user nextcloud or a nextcloud where you can configure e.g. apps and users. And at how or on an VPS you can test nextcloud with not so important data.

Hi, thanks for the feedback. I do intend to get some assistance from a more technically-minded friend, but would prefer to avoid a managed nc. As for the 4G mobile router. I’m fully aware of the problem, but one of the sites is so rural it’s the only possibility. So what solutions would there be ? The wireguard tunnel on a vps with a fixed ip ? Anything else ?

That would be one possibility. Further possibilities would be to use a service such as ngrok or Zerotier