Selective Virtual Directories

I had to reinstall the Nextcloud client (Windows 10, version 3.5.2). But now it takes forever to synchronize. I wanted to shorten this by selecting virtual folders - but everything is “grey”. Example:

Dir A: 10 GB
Dir B: 20 GB
Dir C: 500 GB (archive)

Since “Dir C” has only old files, there must be no sync. If I set “local/offline”, then I can deselect Dir C - A and B will be synced.
But if I set “Use for all virtual folders” I can not deselect Dir C. That wouldn’t be a big deal, but Nextcloud seems to include C in your sync time - so it takes forever.

I can adjust that:
A = virtual sync
B = fourth sync
C = no sync at all

Grateful for hints! :slight_smile: