Selective sync or single file download for temporary offline use

Dear Nextcloud users,

I am looking for a workflow or feature to achieve something similar to the “Set as available offline” from the mobile app for the desktop client or desktop/laptops in general. I would like to make certain files available offline for when I plan on going offline for a while, mostly for traveling. I have a lot of data on my Nextcloud installation and I can not sync this to all my clients. Therefore I want to only download single files, or maybe folders too, which I am planning on using while offline and then remove from locale storage again when I am back.
Of course I can use the web interface to download each file individually or use a WebDAV mount and copy from there to a local folder, but I am looking for a more convenient way, i.e. it would be great to still have the same folder structure as in the source data.

Does anybody have a good workflow for this? Or does anybody think, this would be worth to implement in the desktop client?

Thanks a lot,


Hey Hell-G,

  1. You may want to put the files you need in a specific folder, and setup your clients in a way that only specific folders (and not all your folders) are synced:

  1. I do not know any option to manage this with Workflow (File-Acess-Control) in a perfect way. But you can assign a tag like DonotSync, and create a rule like:

Then, all files (or folders) assigned with this tag will not be synced. AFAIK the other way around e.g. “SyncthisFile” is not possible :thinking:



Hey Marius

Thank you for your reply! I have been thinking about your suggestion 1) before. I think this would be the best solution for me for now. In the past, I was using SpiderOak and there they have the so called “Hive” folder, which gets synced between all the clients and is I guess supposed for various stuff without much structure. Such a folder for on the road sounds like a good option.
I was not aware of the feature in suggestion 2). I like it a lot, but as you say, the other way around would be more suitable for my purpose. But anyway, nice to know and thank you for pointing it out.



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