Select the uploud WLAN on android app

i think a nice future is a option to can select the upload wlan. I dont like to start an uploud in any free wlan.

I guess the first attempt at something like this for the client apps (Windows, *nix, Android and iOS) would be:

  1. A checkbox to allow the user to enable “Up/download control by network”.
  2. If the checkbox is checked, then when the app detects a network it has not seen before, it will popup and ask if it should up/download on this network.
  3. Somewhere for the user to change or clear currently remembered networks - so the user can make a different choice in future.

then stage2:
4) Allow to choose separately for upload and download (so you can have networks where you are happy to upload - files that you create and know about - but not download - files that come unexpectedly! - or vice versa). Not sure if there would be enough need for this to add that complexity.

then stage 3…:
5) Options to set file size limits, or folder limits or a squillion ways to tell it how to control upload/download so that you can get little files, but not have all your quota consumed by something big that “just comes”.

I would find stage 1 useful.

Why don’t you want to use free wifi connections for upload?

Your connection should be encrypted. During my holidays, I appreciate it when my photos are uploaded during the night using the hotel’s wifi.

Other idea: Just add a switch to suspend uploads via the current connection for a certain time (perhaps limited to this special network).

I am thinking more of, for example, mobile phone data where there can be significant restrictions on data quota/cost (depending on your country and provider, of course). A general solution would let people control when the ownCloud client sucks up data quota.

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when i go in to a city, i have many wlan networks and my mobilefone (android) will conect them.
But for a connection to internet i need sometimes a click on a okay button in a webpage from the provider. The nextcloud app will connect but i have only a connected wlan - not yet connect to a internet. And then, i have many errors messages with a upload pictures in my fone. This is whot i meen.

For this matter we added the “only on wifi” option for the instant uploads

This could also be solved in a “nicer” way as in don’t try to upload on Wifi connection without internet connectivity and queue everything then without bugging the user all the time. In this case whenever the app reaches a wifi connection that actually works it simply continues. You wouldn’t have to configure anything.
This isn’t available yet but could be specified and implemented and this could of course also be done in a way that you don’t get spammed with notifications :slight_smile:


this should be not fixed by a “allow sync button” but by a check whether there is an internet connection or not. I don’t know whether android itself is able to recognize if the internet connection is available or not but we can use a ping or something to validate this.

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That is exactly what I would propose to do :smiley: