Select files directly without downloading

Hello, I can go directly to the files with the Dropbox app Android and view and edit them.
Is this also possible with Nextcloud?

Have you installed the Nextcloud App from Android?

Then you can test it on your own.

You can edit e.g. Markdown (Nextcloud Text) and with the correct server software Collabora Online and/or OnlyOffice. Or do you want to edit e.g. JPG and/or PDF? What formats can you really edit in Dropbox?

Also check Nextcloud App for Desktop (Windows, macOS, Linux). Maybe there are more options.

Yes, I installed this app on my cell phone.
For this I installed the apps Onlyoffice and Collabora Online on the server.

When I go to the files with the Nextcloud app, they are still downloading. Although the two apps are installed. I thought you can change/view the files without downloading.

These are ods files.

Does nobody have an idea?

Do OnlyOffice and/or Collabora Online work correctly from you browser (PC). Can you there edit the files?

At least with OnlyOffice, you can’t edit files in the mobile apps with the free version, you can only view them.

I find it difficult to edit office documents on the smartphone. Therefore I only use Markdown files (.md) there. These are good to edit both in the browser and on the smartphone (Nextcloud Text). Nextcloud Text is always installed.

GitHub - nextcloud/text: 📑 Collaborative document editing using Markdown