Seems that the cron job doesn't successfully udate the fulltextsearch index

I have finished my initial index and checked if changing any document - or even creating a new document will be incorporated into the index and it doesn’t seem to work.

I created a new document, entered some distinct words and waited for the next cron job get activated. In the database in oc_fulltextserarch_ticks, there are only these occurances für the fulltextsearch index:

4020, cronIndex ,{"runStart ":1533728715,“indexingInit”:1533728715.8079,“runStop”:1533728716,“totalDocuments”:42}, stop, indexing ,1533728715, 1533728716

And the new document doesn’t show up, when querying the index from NC. Anybody else noticing that?

Bummer…it does work, but I screwed up testing, when trying fo find the newly created document from my test instance on my production one and that - naturally - doesn’t work.

Sorry for the noise.

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