[Seeking Input] Let's Head to Head Compare all popular File Sharing Systems

Head to Head! Compare and Contrast.

Let’s compare basic functionality across a number of platforms for fun and knowledge. What would you like to compare? Feel free to edit the reply post with ideas. I can rent out a 60-day VPS for free on Linode or Digital Ocean to use solely for comparing all self-hosted solutions through Docker, or a similar build people request.

File Sharing Systems to Compare

Please mention any that are missing and worth testing!

Testing - Add your Suggestions!

Please add any functionality you’d love to see tested and compared in the next post.
You can edit it as a wiki.

Add your name if you wish to take part

This is purely for fun, but it might involve sending file requests via email, giving others user accounts or similar. If you care to take part in the testing as it makes sense, respond with “Add Me”. Probably only need a couple volunteers to test things and receive a few different opinions in the process :heart: .

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Features and Concepts to Test

Edit this post and add your own suggestions. Cannot probably try everything, but we’ll do what we can!

  • Inviting a new user
  • Share file by url
  • Share file by email
  • Upload file as guest
  • Dark Theme support
  • Login to webui and 1st impressions navigating across /three/folder/depth