Seeking a recommended backup solution for Nextcloud in a Docker container

I’m looking for a good solution to back up Nextcloud. I use a Raspberry Pi running Docker. My first attempt was installing Duplicati in a container. This works fine for backing up file shares, but I get errors like below when including Nextcloud in my backup.

[Warning-Duplicati.Library.Main.Operation.Backup.FileEnumerationProcess-FileAccessError]: Error reported while accessing file: /ConfigBackup/Nextcloud/data/

[Warning-Duplicati.Library.Main.Operation.Backup.FileBlockProcessor.FileEntry-PathProcessingFailed]: Failed to process path: /ConfigBackup/Nextcloud/config/config.php

[Warning-Duplicati.Library.Main.Operation.Backup.FileBlockProcessor.FileEntry-PathProcessingFailed]: Failed to process path: /DatabaseBackup/NextCloud/ibdata1

My skill level is noob, but I’m good at following directions :wink:
Is there another backup tool I should consider? Is there anything I might try to enable Duplicati to back up Nextcloud successfully? Thanks!

Did you find a fix for this?

I get the same error for only NextCloud. it appears to be a permissions issue, but I am not seeing where the discrepancy is coming from.

I am also running Duplicati and NextCloud in a Docker container with files stored on Open Media Vault on Ubuntu Server. Permissions for OMV are open to everyone and other programs are backing up configs, databases, etc with no issue.

If you found something, hoping you can share.

Hey @S_Riggs, I was not able to solve the problem, so I did the following:

  • Rebuilt the Raspberry Pi with DietPi as the backend instead of OMV
  • Included the specific MariaDB image “yobasystems/alpine-mariadb:10.4.17-arm32v7” in the NextCloud Docker compose file
  • Included PUID and PGID of 1000/1000 in the Duplicati Docker compose file, which represents the dietpi default user
    • environment:
      • PUID=1000
      • PGID=1000

I have successfully backed up NextCloud using this setup for a few weeks now with zero issues. You still have to run SQL database dumps routinely to ensure your NextCloud data is protected and recoverable in an emergency. I followed a good tutorial from “The Digital Life” YouTube channel (video named “Backup in Linux Servers - Docker Volumes, and Databases”)

Hopefully this helps in your situation as well!

Thanks for the quick response, not used to that!

Good call on the MariaDB image, it was what I had to use as well to get NGNIX running on a PI. I will spin up a pi like you recommended here and try a DietPi version, I was running this on a reimaged laptop running ubuntu and might tinker with the original as well. you gave me some insight on the PUID and PGID where mine are set to 998 and 100 respectively. I did this according to my admin login, but did not think that it might have changed or be different for nextcloud specifically.