Seeding Initial sync


We are using a next cloud install to help our customers. The issue we have is some of them have 500Gb of files and doing the initial backup is taking an age. It would be great to see a seed option. We know of a few cloud providers that do it.

It might already be possible, but I haven’t managed to find anything.



Not yet I think, you still need to sync everything via the client first (you can cheat and make a full copy of an already synced folder with sync protocol but you must preserve the timestamps).

Oh that’s a real shame. I think this would make a great feature for enterprise to. You could put a default copy of the company templates into your build and when it came online it wouldn’t need to resync.

We have started the sync of about 600Gb and because it is many small files it’s going to take an age. Would it be worth me raising a feature request?

We would also be interested on putting a bounty on this, has this option moved across to nextcloud from owncloud? Or would it be better putting the bounty there? I guess I am trying to work out when there will be feature disparity!

Thanks again


It’s definitely a feature that has been requested a few times. I’m not sure how much effort it would be to implement such a feature.

There’s no bountysource-account for nextcloud yet (any plans @jospoortvliet?). From a licensing point, if the option makes it into the open-source version of owncloud, it can be ported to Nextcloud. So pushing it there could help as well. Or as enterprise customer, they have more resources to deal with your requests.

We’d rather put the investment into next cloud. Will try and work something out in the meantime.


Sure. There probably will be structures to put bounties soon. After the fork, it takes some time to build up all the structures again, organize a conference, … Perhaps wait a few days for a more detailed answer or for your initial request, you can try to join someone next week via IRC.