See whole event text in calender app


Is there a possibility to see the whole text of an event in calender (using firefox)?

I have to open the event to see the whole text. It does not matter if it is showed in the next line,
cause you always can scroll down.

Thank you,


anybody any ideas?


Hi @georgehrke , @tcit , @jan ,

bascially I did some research to solve this issue myself and I stepped over following link.

Sad but true it is closed and there even was not an event hover which is in my understanding for an overview useless.
Cutting off valuable Text makes every event to a mere placeholder.

With focusing on web_based Use of nextcloud I think this is still an important issue for improving usability.

So please have a look again for this issue.


Not sure what you mean, the pull request at is still open.

If there are any remarks, let’s please keep it on Github, either in the pull request discussion or in issues. :slight_smile: