Security & setup warnings NC21

There are some user imported SSL certificates present, that are not used anymore with Nextcloud 21. They can be imported on the command line via “occ security:certificates:import” command. Their paths inside the data directory are shown below.

Why this strange warning when the SSL certificates are not used anymore in NC21?

When I import the shown SSL certificates, the warning messages are still shown.

Any advice?

Same here. :frowning:

Seems like I fixed it. Check if you have the right path in your config.php in “overwrite.cli.url’ =>” line.

for me it’s not working :frowning:

I’ve set the right ‘overwrite.cli.url’ but nothing changed

Please read what has written in the message “There are some user imported SSL certificates …”. Due to the fact that the listed certificates haven’t been imported by Nextcloud and the system cannot fell any decision for a user, you have to do the job manually :wink:

sorry, but where are the certificates?

  • I did import the certificates from displayed path with ’ occ security:certificates:import’ but nothing changed
  • I deleted certificates with ’ occ security:certificates:remove’ but nothing changed
  • I deleted the files at shown path but nothing changed

I never did import certificates manually before, because the ssl certificates are configured in apache config.

am I stupid right now? what make I wrong?

the message was not removed from the database. I deleted it in the db and have done a re-scan.

all fine now.

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the message was not removed from the database. I deleted it in the db […]
Where did you delete it (i.e. which table)? I got the same problem. Thank you!

backup the certs from the shown path first

delete the entries in oc_appconfig/files_external/user_certificate_scan

I did that. The entry (select * from oc_appconfig where appid = 'files_external';) now looks like

| files_external | user_certificate_scan | []

But the warning

Es sind einige vom Benutzer importierte SSL-Zertifikate vorhanden, die von Nextcloud 21 nicht mehr verwendet werden. Sie können über den Befehl “occ security:certificates:import” in der Befehlszeile importiert werden. Ihre Pfade innerhalb des Datenverzeichnisses werden unten angezeigt.

still remains. The only thing that changes is that the bullet-list entry that was there pointing to the entry I removed from the json (?)-array is now gone.

As I understand the “warning” is nothing to be particular worried about but I like to have my admin-section as clean and free of warnings as possible.

Is there anything else I could try or did I do something wrong?

EDIT: I replaced the value ‘[]’ (an empty array) with NULL and now the warning is gone :slight_smile: